Estonian Chicken Spam Nightmare

So it’s the 80s, Estonia is under Soviet rule, and your job is to direct movie commercials. And when you get the assignment to promote kana-hakkliha (processed chicken meat), you know exactly what it will take to make the product a big seller. You need nightmarish imagery, a heavy, psychedelic sound track and dramatic cutting. Because after all, you want to convince the viewers that anyone who overdoses on kana-hakkliha will spend days or weeks out of their freaking mind.

(Though I suppose this must be a humorous re-mix of what the real commercial looked like.)


4 thoughts on “Estonian Chicken Spam Nightmare

  1. How surreal! I couldn’t help but imagine plucked yet still alive chickens squawking indignantly as they slide down the steep slopes of the Extruder’s hopper.

    There’s a reason that purveyors of processed meat normally don’t display scenes of the actual processing in their TV commercials.


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