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I get a small amount of crank e-mail, and I usually don’t blog about it. In the case of Miroslav Provod, however, I’ve been mildly mailbombed for some time, and today he attached the above enigmatic image (titled “Kondenzátry 1”). Since his brand of whack physics is so whacky and also archaeology-related, I have now decided to inflict some excerpts from Mr. Provod’s latest boilerplate missive on you, Dear Reader.

I gradually found in further research that the phenomenon that I describe as “Cosmic energy” is actually static electricity.

The imbalance of surface charge shows that objects feel attractive or repulsive forces. It is known that static electricity is caused by friction of different materials. This piece of knowledge inspired me to observe and do research with water quells and other water streams. In this way I found properties of static electricity that had been unknown.

These are three energetic parts – aura, zones and interzones. These are described in the article called “diagrams”. Yet unexplained energy of a field is caused by water flow and it’s friction with rock; it’s immeasurable with available measuring devices and metres. This energy goes through the surface of the earth and penetrates metals, concrete and also other hardly penetrable materials.

I am aware that everything that I have published and will describe is only a small hint towards what needs to be explored. As an example I can write about findings from the experiments with groups of capacitors. The first finding is the fact that their charges have three energetic parts and these parts may be altered by changing the charge stored on the capacitors. I have further found that that by the contact of auras of more capacitors, a common aura is formed, whose volume is equal to the sum of volumes of auras of the individual capacitors. However, this is not true in all cases. Why – I don’t know yet.

Nothing that is stated here is made up. I just copy the knowledge of engineers that built Stonehenge and other megalithic structures. Nobody will doubt the existence of static electricity in the ancient times and therefore we have to look at megalithic structures in this way as well.

The most important piece of knowledge found in my research is the fact that it’s possible to alter the charge on cellular membranes of organisms by the use of capacitors. It is also applicable in this case that the energy transferred could be chemically changed as needed. I won’t describe this effect in detail because it may be misused.

The research of cosmic energy could be faster if sceptics stop doubting its existence and pointing away from its further research in this way.

Note, Dear Reader, that nothing that is stated here is made up!

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14 thoughts on “Cosmic Miroslav Provod

  1. Reminds me of Sigmund Freud’s Prolegomena to Research, in which he detailed the requirement that dissection of the brain would reveal three kinds of nerve cells corresponding to the Id, the Ego, and the Superego.

    Of course his research bombed.

    Rather than accept his failure, he threw out the research that proved him wrong, and wholeheartedly championed his debunked theory.

    Hey, some people have pride, y’know.


  2. The picture appears to show some very large capacitors (it’s hard to be certain without something for scale). Capacitors that size can be dangerous/lethal. If Miroslav is not careful, he may find his “aura” transported into the “interzone.”


  3. I think your other friend from southern Sweden would be delighted to get in touch with Miroslav for some serious scientific discussions. Did Miroslav mention anywhere the effect of oversized capacitors on bronce age stone willies?


  4. Thanks for the heads-up on this guy. I’ve fallen sadly behind in my study of energy space and conduction zones and material like this is indespensable in understanding the finer points of spherical rasters of planetary zones and interzones during “planetary eclipsed” situations.


  5. The picture appears to show some very large capacitors (it’s hard to be certain without something for scale). Capacitors that size can be dangerous/lethal. If Miroslav is not careful, he may find his “aura” transported into the “interzone.”

    Look at the clip leads – those are some pretty meaty caps. You could build a decent rail gun with a capacitor bank like that.

    Paddy – I think he’s saying that it’s the capacitors themselves than have auras. Although it’s a little hard to tell…


  6. This is not the only research that found electricity generated by ancient structures, read
    Gods Machines by Wun Chok Bong (really!) Frog books 2008 and
    Pyramid Power by Greg Nielson 1973 and
    The Giza Power Plant by Christopher Dunn 1998

    I myself have been reserching the idea that one day men may fly, I know it sounds crazy now but….


  7. Miroslav Provod obviously wants to share his ideas. I think that it is a pleasent and generous attitude of him. It is just a pity that he is so ignorant about basic matters of physics. A good illustration to this is when he writes:
    ‘I gradually found in further research that the phenomenon that I describe as “Cosmic Energy” is actally static electricity.’
    Yes it seems to be a reasonable conclusion, and I think it is a pity that he didn’t immediately understand that. I would like to wish him good reading of basic physics, so he will better understand what engineers can tell him.


  8. Golan Heights

    Golan Heights that spread over 1250 square kilometers are an important spring region that supplies 4 states with water. The great presence of static electricity in this region can be deduced from the high number of megalithic structures. A local circular structure of diameter of 159 meters is composed of five concentric circles that are laid out by freely laying stones that all weigh 37 000 tons in total. The heaviest single stones that were used weight about 20 tons. Around this structure there is further 8 500 dolmens and menhirs, the heaviest weighing 50 tons and they are up to 7 meters in height.
    Golan Heights may be thought of as a natural laboratory, which can provide us with historical information, in view of research. The static electricity that is almost unknown to present science was crucial for all megalithic structures that were built around the Earth. The new knowledge about properties of static electricity that I describe at provides more in depth information via continuing research about the mysteries of construction of megalithic structures with combination of different types of rocks, for example Stonehenge, Machu Picchu and many others.
    The megalithic structures had all the same function. They accumulated static electricity in their matter, which they gained from various sources. At Golan Heights the sources are mainly underground springs, which provide the megaliths with the static electricity charge.
    The “electronics of human body” takes the static electricity from cellular membranes in order to maintain functionality of all organs. The static electricity is continuously supplied by mitochondria. It can be proved by various experiments that the charge of human body can be filled by other means as well – by staying close to greater source of static electricity, which spontaneously gives the energy to cellular membranes. The transfer of energy is rather slow. In case of transfer between a rock and a human body it takes tens of minutes. This shows that the megalithic structures and later also sacral structures were built mainly for health purposes.
    Golan Heights are a great hint, which needs greater research to be done. By this I mean gathering of statistical data about all the megaliths in this region, mainly from which types of rocks the individual dolmens were built and their chemical composition. The great ratio of dolmens to the population hints that the reason for building them wasn’t only filling the bodily energy. It may be deduced from the combination of rocks at many of the structures that it mattered through which part of the rock the static electricity went. It’s probable that it was influenced by chemical properties of the rock, which it transferred to the cellular membranes of human body. If the combination of different types of rocks is proved by the dolmens it would logically point out that the reason for building them was curing of various bodily anomalies.
    Big groups of megaliths aren’t only at Golan Heights but at various places around the Earth. Further statistical data from other regions would make more believable knowledge not only about history but also about static electricity. From the economic point of view the “re-discovered” energy may bring great motivation to people in many fields.

    January 2009-01-06
    Miroslav Provod


  9. Static electricity versus ether
    It was Aristotle who coined the word ether and was the first one to familiarize the world with it. However, the megalithic structures, whose essence is the 3dimensional energetic raster – ether, show that even much older cultures knew the properties of static electricity. Albert Einstein said that ether is “dead” probably because he didn’t need this idea for his work. Ether is not dead. Conversely, it’s made of energetic parts of great amount of charges of static electricity – the zones and interzones, which greatly affect life on the Earth.
    The charge of static electricity comprises of three energetic components – aura, zones and interzones. Ether is made of two energetic components – zones and interzones.
    The charge of static electricity = aura + zones + interzones
    Ether = zones + interzones
    There would not be a logical explanation for the construction of megalithic structures if their constructors did not know other properties of static electricity that two or more charges join when their auras connect and form one mutual charge and then their potentials slowly equalize. Also, the construction of megaliths in great distances from their energetic sources hints that their constructors knew the conductivity of zones and knew the way in which they could be identified. The spontaneous transfer of energy from greater charge to a smaller charge by the means of ether was the reason for the construction of megalithic structures.
    These characteristics of static electricity present only part of its properties, which could easily be proved by experiments. Other attributes that are evident from the manipulation of rocks remain hidden. I mean the combinations of rocks with respect to their chemical composition and the greatest mystery of ancient cultures – the construction of Logan stones. The increase of energy in a rock during even a small move can be proved by an easy experiment. This was the main reason for building hundreds of thousands of Logan stones around the Earth. We would probably have to wait for the explanation of this phenomenon until physics reaches the level of our past predecessors. Maybe the explanation is hidden in the yet unknown property of static electricity in the same way as the explanation of ball lightning and the trajectories on which it moves. I was unsuccessful in my trial that lasted a few days in making a raw 20Kg rock into a Logan stone. I can’t understand how people in the old ages could do this with rocks weighing tens of tons. There are many other mysteries hidden in the megalithic age and I think that the time to explore these more seriously has come.
    We can’t be surprised that since the ancient times ether has been used by all civilizations only for cultic purposes and it has been marginalized for other purposes. It could also be understood in a way that spiritual leaders used this force of nature, because it was easy to manipulate people with it. It’s not necessary to write more about this as it’s generally known that it went through the history in many different forms and it reliably works even today.
    Menhirs were replaced by obelisks and towers. Dolmens were replaced by chapels, rotundas, mounds and other smaller structures that are placed around the world. The circular megalithic structures for more people were replaced by greater sacred buildings of all types. I have stated on my web pages the proper energetic locations for construction of such structures. It’s easy to believe that the constructors of these megalithic and sacred structures respected these locations. I think that we can’t criticize the spiritual leaders of ancient history and medieval times. Good leadership can only be beneficial to the people but it could also be easily misused.
    Everything was however changed at the time when the greatest force of nature – static electricity – has been negatively affected by humans by creating great civilization charges. These are mainly power stations, electric mains, cities, dams on rivers, etc. The ether that had been greatly balanced by nature has been chaotically disturbed by humans. This imbalance of static electricity could be the cause of natural anomalies that are attributed to other factors. Some empirical experiments show the negative effects of ether on organisms and it can’t be excluded that this has been caused by apposition of natural ether by civilization charges. The newly re-revealed static electricity makes new space for research in many directions.
    Nikola Tesla wrote: “The day when science starts to explore nonphysical phenomenona will it advance more in a decade then it has advanced over whole centuries of its present existence.”
    I have been dealing with nonphysical phenomena for 45 years and can only confirm the statement of Nikola Tesla. However, making new space for further research will be very difficult. Firstly, it is necessary to construct a measuring device of the energetic components of static electricity – ether. The article “Dowsing versus aura” shows the properties of static electricity that may give a hint when choosing the sensor. I have been trying this for years but have concluded that only specialists in equipped laboratories can be successful. I would be happy to hand over to them my “baton”.
    March 2009-03-05
    Miroslav Provod


  10. Physics during the age of megaliths
    Over more than twenty years, I have realized hundreds of experiments, which were mostly motivated by trying to uncover the reasons and causes of not always convincingly explained working activities of ancient civilizations. In these experiments, I came to the conclusion that many activities of ancient prehistoric cultures were clearly motivated by the desire to exploit knowledge about the attributes of static electricity. Even in academic publications, I found no information on the range of the found properties of static electricity. It cannot be therefore excluded that they have never been published. For this reason, I admit it might be an entirely new knowledge.

    Four probably yet unpublished properties of static electricity showed on the theme of implementation of many megalithic and religious structures. Many often seemingly useless construction activities of our ancestors could not be convincingly and logically explained without the connection with these new findings of the properties of static electricity. Historians and archaeologists have often helped themselves out by saying that the motivation for constructing many buildings in our history was based solely on a “ritual” or “calendar reason. All researchers and scientists who “dared” linking knowledge of ancient cultures with modern knowledge of the physical energies were often ridiculed by generally accepted capacities and rendered as being textbook ignorants. The four properties of static electricity introduced are however far from a total explanation of all yet difficult to explain mysteries of our history. In some cases, the new knowledge about the properties of matter in connection with a charge of static electricity provides only partial explanation to the historical mysteries, which suggests that there can be many more unidentified properties of static electricity.

    There is no doubt that there is an incorrect interpretation of certain parts of history in connection with the explanation of the motives for constructing many complex, but even the simplest of old buildings. It is therefore necessary to examine the question of logical reasons for building the constructions in context with new physical knowledge, which demonstrates that “knowledge” of ancient and extinct cultures surpassed the knowledge of modern history. The “ritual dogmas” will need to be replaced by new energy knowledge. This will create a real picture of the evolution of world cultures as well as a “springboard” for further research in some historical periods.

    However, there are the already mentioned “scientific” obstacles that discourage many that are interested in modern research. These obstacles that psychologically bind the thinking of many researchers that are eager for truth are the skeptics. The skeptics, in an effort to stand out, which they cannot achieve in a different field of science, serve as scientific inquisitors. Being a skeptic is very easy as skeptics always respond to new ideas by saying “Everything that cannot be put in context with known facts cannot be assessed.” They refuse to respect the fact that all new findings were found behind the edge of known facts in most cases.

    I was saddened, for example, when the skeptics in the Czech Republic attached an ‘erratic boulder’ to Erich von Daniken. Even if Daniken did not bring any revolutionary ideas in his work, he would have done more for the promotion of history than all the Czech inquisitional skeptics combined. Daniken inspired hundreds of thousands of researchers around the world by his extensive work – thousands of them chose their field of work due to his exploratory study. And last but not least, after centuries of neglect many historical monuments that were described by Daniken are now cracking under the pressure of curious tourists. Daniken fully described the megalithic culture in his writings.
    Literary works by Erich Daniken are well above the writings of other authors, who constantly repeat pieces of information that have already been published many times. I have studied all the writings of Erich Daniken and I can say that I gained more knowledge about the megaliths from his literature than I would have received by personal visits to the places described. There are more such cases, which I will not address here. I regard the ‘erratic boulder’ given to Erich Daniken as the worst injustice.

    Skeptics could not have objected to the way Mr. Daniken describes the megalithic culture, but they likely just disagreed with his opinion that it could not have been created by a ‘textbook type’ civilization and that ancient cultures received the information from some advanced cultures from outer space. And here is the discord, skeptics recognize the current interpretation of history, Mr. Daniken, as well as many logically thinking people, does not. It does not matter where the ancient cultures received the information. The fact is that they must have obtained it somewhere. The view of Mr. Daniken that ancient cultures may have obtained the information from space cannot be assessed in any other way then as a creative idea. Any doubts about the astronauts from other planets can encourage others to think about other explanations. The essence of the literary work of Mr. Daniken is not just getting the source of information, but it is the whole megalithic culture. Reacting to the opinion of Mr. Daniken by granting him an ‘erratic boulder’ seems amateur and inappropriate. People expect from scientists that they will scientifically and properly reason their decision.

    If skeptics think that people used to build thousands of megaliths all over the world for ritual and calendar purposes (as is currently mentioned in history) they only compromise themselves in the same way as archaeologists do. Unless it is explained what tools were used to machine the hardest diorite rock, unless it is experimentally demonstrated that it is possible to transport a block of rock weighing one thousand tons to a distance of two kilometers solely by the use of pulling and ropes, unless it is explained how people communicated with each other when they built the same types of megalithic structures around the world the account of Mr. Daniken cannot be clearly and categorically questioned. In this case, the purposely formulated assumption proposed by the skeptics by granting Erich von Daniken an ‘erratic boulder’ stated exactly the opposite. They reached a phase where public begun to question statements given by the skeptics.

    The new knowledge about static electricity resulting from the research of megaliths seems like a great hint not only for the research of ancient cultures but also for several other fields. In addition, we can expect further findings of the unknown properties of static electricity.

    I remind the importance of the four attributes of static electricity, which I describe in dozens of articles at
    1 – Each material has a charge with three energy components (aura, zones, and interzones).
    2 – When auras of two or more charges come into contact they merge into one common charge with common energy components.
    3 – By merging charges into a joint charge, there is a gradual equalizing of their energetic potentials.
    4 – During the equalizing of energetic potentials there is also a transfer of chemical properties.

    October 2010
    Miroslav Provod


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