Jonathan Coulton – “Still Alive”

My son just played me a song he can’t get out of his head, “Still Alive”. It’s the closing-credits music of the 2007 computer game Portal, sung by a heavily vocoded Ellen McLain. As it turns out, the song was written by science fiction pop songster Jonathan Coulton, whose excellent love songs about robots and zombies I have heard on the Escape Pod podcast. And here’s Coulton himself performing “Still Alive”.


7 thoughts on “Jonathan Coulton – “Still Alive”

  1. Sweet. I just showed my son – he’s beaten Portal too.
    I have to admit, the game is fun, and the concept is interesting. We’re waiting for the next version.


  2. Now look what you’ve done. I played that video, and now it’s stuck in my head. My kids watched it and now it’s stuck in their heads too. My oldest played it on a streaming loop for about an hour the other day, and printed out the lyrics. This is the worst earworm I’ve had in awhile. Good thing it’s a great song.


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