Anthro Blog Carnival

i-1826c7284a102d5e4de1bec7e4f516d8-bertrade-montfort2.jpgThe fifty-second Four Stone Hearth blog carnival is on-line at Greg Laden’s blog. Archaeology and anthropology, and all dedicated to the memory of Bertrade de Montfort!

The oft-married Count Fulk IV of Anjou was married to the mother of his son in 1089, when the lovely Bertrade caught his eye. According to the chronicler John of Marmoutier, “The lecherous Fulk then fell passionately in love with the sister of Amaury of Montfort, whom no good man ever praised save for her beauty. For her sake, he divorced the mother of Geoffrey II Martel…” Bertrade and Fulk were married, and they became the parents of a son, Fulk, but in 1092 Bertrade left her husband and took up with King Philip I of France.

Submissions for the next carnival will be sent to me, not to the old submissions address. The next open hosting slot is on 3 December. All bloggers with an interest in the subject are welcome to volunteer to me for hosting. No need to be an anthro pro. But you must be willing to leave your husband and take up with King Philip I of France, like me.

And check out the latest Skeptics’ Circle! And the newly started Metacarnival, that aims to gather the best content from a range of blog carnivals: here’s the first instalment!


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