The Huge Fish


Great images of my childhood are appearing on-line from an unexpected source. My dear Connecticut nanny Lynn Leavey is scanning choice pix from her time with us in Sweden in 1978-79.

Here’s my India-goin’, safety-match-pushin’, ABBA-accountin’ grampa Ingemar with a big fish and three small boys on the shore of Lake Lillsjön in Kungsängen west of Stockholm. If I recall correctly, the monster pike weighed 8.3 kg, and I still haven’t seen a larger one get caught. Ingemar took it with his favourite method, dragrodd, where you trail a wobbler lure after your boat and row along the edge of the reeds.

Us boys, being after all the fruit of grampa’s loins, are all >6′ tall now. When I showed the picture to my daughter she confidently identified me as her 10-y-o brother, but didn’t recognise uncle Adam or cousin Carl.


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