Ploughed-Out Bomber Airbase


Here’s something pretty damn cool: Ossington airbase in Nottinghamshire, England. From 1942 to 1946 it was an RAF bomber airfield, and then it reverted to farmland. Just look at the big X on the aerial photograph from Google Maps. Six decades of abandonment, and it’s an archaeological landscape!

Thanks to Kai for the tipoff.


2 thoughts on “Ploughed-Out Bomber Airbase

  1. Of course every so often archeology turns back into an active airfield.

    A couple of months ago I actually met one of the old boys who flew mossies out of Gransden Lodge during WWII, his tales of engine failures on take off at night while carrying a full bomb load certainly put the challenges of winch launching into perspective!


  2. As stated by Jon’s father (Jon’s the owner of cartoon character, Garfield the cat) back in the 1960s: “Farm out, man!”


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