Inventive Gay Dolphins

i-61cc78d7836539bb975754d706b18634-gay dolphins.jpg

Kai reports from an on-going exhibition at the Stockholm Museum of Natural History on homosexuality among non-humans. It is based on Bruce Bagemihl‘s research.

I am impressed by the gay dolphins’ invention of nasal intercourse. To pull that off, one human would have to be hugely endowed in the nose department and the other very petite indeed elsewhere. I wonder what happens if you sneeze?

In the title of his entry, Kai reminds us of the Flintstones, who of course had a gay old time. Now, the bit that I’ve been wondering about is “they go down in history”. On whom?

In other news, I came up with a silly pun (again): among the least popular sexual kinks is annual sex.

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14 thoughts on “Inventive Gay Dolphins

  1. I believe there is a species called ‘white-beaked dolphin’. The sexual preference exemplified here, incidentaly shared by the sperm whale, sheds light on this terminology (after all, these guys are heavily into hooping as well).

    “In other news, I came up with a silly pun (again): among the least popular sexual kinks is annual sex.”

    Yes, biannual sex is at least a little bit more popular.


  2. Every so often I get searches reaching my blog with the terms ‘historical annal sex’. They don’t get what they were after but they do learn a new term for chronicles with year-by-year records! You know, here to help…


  3. Just futher proof that God is the Queen of a hive of little insect angels (Warrior class, Seraphim- royal attendants, and Cherebum- working class).
    And we already know that God is sexually ambiguous (let us make them man and woman after our image).


  4. The turn the discussion has taken made me watch my Fawlty Towers DVDs again. Why? Because of Manuel’s line “Are you orally men?” in the episode where Basil hires the crappy carpenters from Mr. O’Reily’s firm *snicker*

    That was some good TV. “I yearn the ground, I yearn the stones where as a child I played”…


  5. Martin, now you will have people reaching this blog with searches for “inventive gay dolphins”, a very specialised paraphilia within the subset of “gay dolphins” in general.

    / Mattias


  6. Mattias, it would be very good for traffic if I combined gay dolphins with bog booty in an entry. Easy: in the 4th century, military belts had stylized dolphins (though we might find that a little gay) and they sometimes ended up in bogs as part of war booty sacrifices.


  7. (though we might find that a little gay)

    Hey man, that belt is for faggots!
    *Cuts off my arm*

    What about the belt?



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