My Friend’s Obit Notice

i-8811c9edaa04f7105ce8c7b25629e227-omega.jpgMy friend of twenty years, retired broadcaster Lars Erik Åström, died the other day of cancer at age 69. Too soon by far: he has young grandchildren and he was a very good man without whom the world is worse. MaðR harða goðr. I will think of him every time I read of caves and flottholmar, floating islands.

Lars Erik’s family posted a lovely secular obit notice headed by a big omega, symbol of caves and the final letter of the Greek alphabet. I translate:

With warmth we remember your wisdom, your high-precision sense of humour and your sonorous radio voice. We had such a good time and got to experience so many exciting things!

The sardine wants the can to open
Towards the sea

W. Aspenström


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