Aard’s Second Blogiversary


Today marks Aard‘s second anniversary. I’m still having fun and hope you are too! Looking at October and November, the blog had about 950 unique readers daily and was ranked #24 out of 74 blogs on Sb. I recently updated the Best of Aard page for those of you who want to check out some past goodies.


For much of these two years I have bragged in the left-hand side-bar that Aard had the highest Technorati rank among the net’s archaeology blogs. This is no longer so, and the main reason is that I have stopped hosting blog carnivals. Technorati ranks a blog according to the number and quality of other blogs that have linked to it recently. When you host a carnival you can ask the participants to link to it, which boosts your Technorati ranking. But I got tired of carnival admin. The Technorati ranking says nothing directly about daily traffic, which continues to rise at a healthy clip.


As for life at Casa Rundkvist, we’re still not on-line which is really a drag. This is the reason that posting here has been erratic lately and I have been absent from the comments sections of my favourite blogs. We received an ADSL modem today, but the people who wiggle the lines in the phone station have been off on holidays and so the DSL light on the modem stubbornly refuses to light up. Blogging from my mom’s study, I can offer three pix of our surroundings, including the view from our kitchen window and the entrance to our yard.


6 thoughts on “Aard’s Second Blogiversary

    What a cute little blogger-boy you’ve grown into, yes you have, yes you have!! *vigorously pinches Aard’s rosy cheeks*

    Looking forward to many anniversaries more to come.


  2. Many happy returns of the blogiversary day to you! I’ve enjoyed your blog muchissimo (which means very much in Spanish). Very nice view you have, too, and I’m terribly jealous. On one side, I see the brick wall of my neighbor’s house, on the other side I see the brick wall of the other neighbor’s house, in back I see the plain wood palings of the back fence (and nary a tree in sight, just a few dead sticks of grass that haven’t drowned yet), and in front there’s the drowned front lawn that’s brown, the mutant tree that looks like an overgrown bush, the street, and the brick front of the other neighbor’s house. Can I move in with y’all?


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