Gnome Poop Insane

Conversing with a friend recently, I mused, what could be the background to the expression “batshit insane”? My friend suggested that it might have something to do with having bats in the belfry. I then wondered what the Swedish equivalent of this expression would be.

In Swedish, you don’t have bats in the belfry. You have gnomes on the loft. Thus, “batshit insane” translates to tomtespillningstokig: gnome poop insane.


Death in the Age of Facebook

“In the morning I left voice mail messages to call me on my mother’s and sister’s numbers. As I came in to work I saw S still logged in to his Skype account, where he’d left it going for his final exercise round. More subdued phone calls during the day, there would be a viewing at the hospital the next day. I was unfamiliar with the term, but googling confirmed that it was an opportunity to see the body. When had this procedure been (re-)introduced?”

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Four Great 90s Authors

Four of my favourite authors were born in the 1890s and wrote mainly from the inter-war years onward.

There seems to be something about that generation’s idiom, taste and experience that resonates with me. But maybe it’s just an artefact of chronology. I got into them all as a boy: I was born right about the time when the kids of the 1890s were dying off, which turned the spotlight on their generation once again and led to re-issues. Anyway, check them out!