Mars Rovers Still Working After Five Years

Dear Reader, remember the remote-controlled Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity? How long is it since the last time you thought of them? Spirit landed on Mars five Earth years ago today, Opportunity on 25 January — and both are still going strong! These machines were originally meant to work for three months, yet they continue to trundle around that cold, distant planet, taking pictures and analysing rocks. Check out the project’s web site for news!

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3 thoughts on “Mars Rovers Still Working After Five Years

  1. The rovers can probably be concidered NASA’s most sucessful project since the moon landings!

    Concidering how unexpectedly well these rovers are doing, I don’t thing NASA has any exscuse for sending stationary probes to Mars again.

    I’d love to see them drop rovers at the more exotic places on Mars, such as near the 6km high cliffs of Monts Olympus, or the Mariner Valley, or the Helena basin. These places should prove very interesting.


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