Mohammed Rafi Rules

A few years ago my friend David the Psychonaut gave me an mp3 file with the greatest song, “Jan Pehechan-Ho” by Mohammed Rafi. And now another friend, Tanya the Cosmopolite, links to the song’s over-the top Bollywood dance number, straight from the 1965 film Gumnaam. Awesome! (As per standard Bollywood procedure, Rafi himself isn’t in the film.)


10 thoughts on “Mohammed Rafi Rules

  1. I saw this first in ghost world too. It appears only in part in the movie but you can watch the whole clip as an extra in the dvd.


  2. So strange! A meld of sixties surf guitar with thirties musical movie Astair/Rogers dance and production style. All that with a bit of Latin beat thrown in… quite a melange!


  3. Rafi is Rafi, Kishore is Kishore.

    Why do the Kishore fans have to degrade Rafi; it is beyond my understanding.

    How is the greatness of one proved by degrading the other?


  4. Rafi may rule, but Kishore is the king!

    Posted by: Ramesh | January 23, 2009 11:00 AM

    Yes Ramesh – That is why Rafi got voted the Artist of the Millenium and Kishore did not. Grow Up!


  5. those people who have sense of music believes that mohaamad rafi is best &vice versa take e.g. of all legendary singers opinion


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