Windows Mobile Media Player is Crap

i-4563ae9780950566ccad38dcd67ddae9-winmediaplayer.pngSince getting a smartphone, I never use my iPod anymore. (I handed it down to Junior who is now getting a psychedelic musical education. He’s into the Marbles.) But the switch of course led to a huge drop in the ease of use. Here are the steps I have to go through to get my phone to play my mp3s in random order:

  1. Unlock phone.
  2. If need be, navigate to “Favourites” tab of start screen.
  3. Start Windows Media Player.
  4. Click on “Menu”.
  5. Click on “Library”.
  6. Select “Storage Card” from top-left menu.
  7. Click on “My music”.
  8. Click on “Play”.

And the software is absolute crap at remembering where I was in a file the last time I turned it off. In fact, it doesn’t even remember which file I listened to! How fun is that when you’re listening to The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe whose weekly show is typically 80 minutes long? It’s really hard to use an inch-long scroll bar to find your place in such a long sound file.

I wonder if there’s better music playing software for Windows Mobile.

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7 thoughts on “Windows Mobile Media Player is Crap

  1. Kinoma seems to do way, way more than I need it to do. I just want a more user-friendly mp3 player!

    TCPMP looks a little too hardcore unixy for me, and now the site is dead.

    I’ve tried PocketMusic for the past week. It’s better than Windows Media Player except that it has had some freeze-ups (one fatal to the whole system) and occasionally poor interaction with both screen and keyboard. It steals control of the keyboard.

    Gonna try Pocket Player 4.0 now.


  2. Why would you discount Kinoma because it has more features than you want? Seems like you’d want to ignore it if it had less features than you want.

    Kinoma FreePlay _is_ a user-friendly mp3 player. And FREE!


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