By Night He’s One Hell of a Lover

My wife and I watched the 2004 biopic Kinsey last night, about ground-breaking sexologist Alfred Kinsey. Good movie, good acting, interesting theme. And there’s an added perk for fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. To the extent that the Kinsey movie has a villain, it’s Alfred Kinsey’s colleague, Thurman Rice. Professor Rice is an old-school sex-hostile sex educator who shows the class horrific slides of syphilis sufferers and preaches abstinence. And who plays this buffoonish prig of a character? Why, Frank N. Furter himself, the pansexual mad scientist from the planet Transsexual in the galaxy Transylvania — Tim Curry. Excellent casting!


3 thoughts on “By Night He’s One Hell of a Lover

  1. Great Scot! (throwing roll of Scott’s toilet tissue) — fans of Rocky Horror Pix Show will applaud…and then get up and dance in the aisles.


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