Skepticality’s 100th Show

i-5f4b8adb450cfc9b02dc3c873fdab30c-weirdus.gifSkepticality, one of my favourite podcasts, just put its 100th show on-line! Swoopy and Derek have been going strong now for four whole years! Always good for in-depth science-friendly interviews.


3 thoughts on “Skepticality’s 100th Show

  1. a bit late and not entirely on topic.
    I too love Skepticality, but do you know about any swedish skeptical podcasts?
    I’m also quite interested in archaeology but I have not taken any university courses on the subject, but would like to know more, are there any reliable swedish language magazines, websites and/or podcasts on the subject?
    Of course english language works too, but since more than 90% of the podcasts I subscribe to are in english it would feel like a breath of fresh air to hear science podcasts in swedish.


  2. Sadly I’m completely ignorant of Swedish podcasts. I do know that my wife likes to download Sveriges Radio programs and listen to them on her cellphone.

    As for magazines, I recommend Populär Arkeologi for lighter reading and Fornvännen for original research.

    A good online forum is


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