Makin’ A Lastin’ Impression


A lesson in Swedish from the mall at Sickla.

Last = noun from the verb lasta, “to load”.

In = in

Fart = noun from the verb fara, “to travel”, cf. “wayfarer” and “fare thee well”.

Load-in-travel. Delivery entrance.


13 thoughts on “Makin’ A Lastin’ Impression

  1. Mom came back from Norway with the coolest pictures of farts-dempere signs, even the symbol looked like a little butt.


  2. That’s no surprise to anyone who had a VW Beetle back in the 60s. It said “fahrtstart” right on the ignition lock escutcheon.


  3. What is the sound of an infart like and at which point does it cause total implosion of one’s body? I imagine it as a slurping sound.


  4. Bob: ‘God’s fart’ must relate to Ps. XLVII which in the translation presently used by Anglicans reads: ‘The Lord is gone up with a merry noise’


  5. “What is the sound of an infart like?” – Mattias.

    Not sure what it sounds like, but there is a word for it – borborygmus. I found it in the dictionary the other day, when I was looking for something else, and it was so wierd I remembered it.


  6. Y’know, this is a good example of why it’s nice to know more than one language. Not that I don’t appreciate a good fart joke, but having even a little German takes some of the third-grade humour out of linguistic accidents.


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