Daycare No More

Today is my last day as a daycare customer, provided that my views on having a third child don’t change radically one day. I’ve enjoyed the fine service of the Igelboda daycare centre for six or seven years straight, but come autumn, Juniorette will become a 0th grade schoolgirl. She’s not yet six years old but already an avid reader. And she’s an experienced public speaker after over a year as a daycare representative on the school’s environmental board. Spatially speaking, the change will be negligible as her new classroom is in another building on the same school grounds.


3 thoughts on “Daycare No More

  1. Congratulations! Are you going to hold a little graduation ceremony, complete with that little, flat hat with the tassle? Crazy as it sounds, I know some kids who had such a ceremony and their mamas loved it.


  2. The Stockholm graduation tradition is more like getting on the open trailer of a truck with all your classmates and driving all around the center of the city drunkenly dancing to a giant sound system thats stuck onto the same trailer.
    Then again its mainly a high school tradition (Ive not seen too many Dagis classes doing this!).


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