I’ve Made News in Västergötland

i-c923cf7bfba4b78ee2d9fb249e6c05f1-FT 20090722 Martin Rundqvist lores.jpg

My recent talk in Trävattna parish hall, Västergötland, was covered by two regional papers. Rune Torstenson has kindly scanned the items for me. The headlines read “Power once originated in the mead-hall” and “Searching for ancient power-wielders”. To read the articles, click on the images.

i-db3461e8ef2db4fb9f8b83953bb27e32-NLT090724 Martin Rundkvist lores.jpg


4 thoughts on “I’ve Made News in Västergötland

  1. Thank you! It’s a typical Thai waiter’s shirt. I don’t think there is mead in Thailand though. Typically drunks over there will order small buckets of rum, coke and Red Bull, right?


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