Weekend Fun

  • Logged four geocaches. One helped me discover a huge vestigial highway overpass. Highway 222 was built in the early ’70s, and at one spot west of Nacka high school the road engineers thought that they might one day want to build a four-lane highway crossing the new one. They haven’t so far. I rode my bike up this little dead-end road, Birkavägen, and onto the unpaved ground under the great airy concrete vault. On the other side there were just woods with a seldom-used path.
  • Went to the movies, watched Brüno. Found it equally embarassing and almost as funny as Borat. Been thinking about it quite a bit afterwards.
  • Went to a party given by friends of a friend of my wife. Folkie trio BrittakÃ¥ren performed live in the living room and were great.
  • Lost one game of Tigris & Euphrates and two games of Race for the Galaxy to Paddy K and Swedepat.

What did you do for fun this past weekend, Dear Reader?


5 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. Nothing much this weekend. Mostly lounged at home, following and blogging about the (now historic) Japanese elections on Sunday. We made udon with umeboshi Saturday, and had lunch at a Spanish place near Midosuji avenue. Trying to puzzle together a conference poster without swamping it with information yet not leaving anything crucial out.


  2. I’ve been at home with a cough and fever. I had time to watch the second season of rome and enjoy all the little boxes filled with unnecessary facts that they included in the dvd:s.


  3. My parents came in to babysit my daughter so I could play a rock show and my wife could go photograph a wedding. Sunday morning the wife and I saw Inglorious Basterds, which was excellent. When we returned we realized that we can’t trust my parents to babysit anymore because they clearly don’t have any respect for how we want to parent and just do whatever the hell they want despite what simple instructions are left for them.


  4. Whatcha play, Taylor? Sorry to hear about the babysitter probs. We’ve got three main babysitters that are excellent, though my dad’s a bit too gruff to be very popular with the kids.


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