Fresh Roadkill


Uppsala, at the roadside by the castle, Friday 18th at noon. Its unblinking eye was very clear.


9 thoughts on “Fresh Roadkill

  1. Gordon Ramsay cooked one of those on tv the other day. He fed it to some kids who seemed to love it … until he told them what they were eating. 😉


  2. Here in the U.S. you’re allowed to admit you’ve eaten such critters only if you say you didn’t know what it was at the time and then you say it tasted just like chicken. Everything even mildly slightly unlike beef must taste like chicken. It’s sort of an unwritten rule.


  3. you must be in a very urbanized part of the US, Diana. here in the holy land of deer hunting (Michigan) the only shameful part of game meat is if you have to admit that not only (1) was it roadkill, but (2) it wasn’t your car that killed it.


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