Fornvännen’s Spring Issue On-Line

True to the rules of Open Access publishing, the April issue of Fornvännen has come on-line in all its full-text glory less than six months after paper publication.

  • Katharina Hammarstrand Dehman reports on the kind of hardcore wetland archaeology you can get to do when somebody wants to dig a huge tunnel under a coastal city.
  • Helena Günther launches a merciless attack on the shamanic model of interpretation that has coloured much Scandy rock-art research in recent years.
  • Maria Lingström reports on her fieldwork on a 1361 battlefield. Unusually early battlefield archaeology on a site where hundreds fell casualty to crossbow fire and close combat but few guns were used!
  • Ulf Näsman counters the Kuhnian Huns argument.
  • Göran Werthwein reports about a Medieval smithy at a rural manor where goldsmith work took place.
  • Magnus Green analyses a fragment of Spanish Medieval church art that has recently ended up in a Swedish church.

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