Martin Go Helsinki Yes

Next week, 29-31 October, I’ll be in Helsinki for the Nordic Bronze Age symposium. The organisers have been kind enough to ask me to chair one of the sessions, but I’d love to meet up with some Aard readers too. Drop me a line!


8 thoughts on “Martin Go Helsinki Yes

  1. I´m glad to hear that you are going to the Bronze Age! With your misogynistic ideas, you will fit right in with the Neandethals and King Kong and all the other Bronze Age folks, you misogynist goatfucking asshat.


  2. Methinks poster #2 protests too much.
    I’ll wager my collection of copied gender theory articles nothing in that chosen name is accurate (least of all female – never heard of a female feminist who felt the need to clarify her gender…)
    Let’s all be supernice to the little troll so it goes away.

    Have a great time in Helsinki. Which session are you in charge of?


  3. I actually have no idea what session I’m heading. I don’t think they’re thematic, there’s just one track and I guess they’ve just allocated one afternoon or so to me.


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