Like an Elephant

My 6-y-o daughter usually sleeps really solidly over in her room and is not easily woken by sounds she’s accustomed to. But this morning she told me over breakfast, “Dad, you and Mom made the weirdest noises last night and woke me. First Mom kind of whined and sounded as if she was gonna sneeze. Then nothing for a while. And then you started sounding like an elephant! You made one heck of a racket — Det var ett jäkla liv.”


9 thoughts on “Like an Elephant

  1. Keep it up until this also becomes a sound “she’s accustomed to”. Soon enough everyone is happy, a bit tired, but happy. It’s all good.


  2. I think it’s fascinating that she could identify that it was you, even though it sounded like an elephant. (Were you stomping around?) Modulation of characteristic sound patterns, hmmm.


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