Runological Report on the Hogganvik Rune Stone


Runologist James E. Knirk has published a report on the recently found Hogganvik rune stone. His transliteration is


His translation is

Skelba-þewaR’s [“Shaking-servant’s”] stone. (Alphabet magic: aaasrpkf aarpaa). ?Within/From within the ?wheel-nave/?cabin-corner. I NaudigastiR [=”Need-guest”]. I, the Wolverine.

So there isn’t actually an explicit lord-retainer relationship in the text, just a guy whose name includes the word for servant, thewar. It also occurs in two names inscribed on weaponry from Danish war booty finds.

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I Got A Prime Time Spot

If I had to take a paper newspaper, then I would like Dagens Nyheter’s news section, Svenska Dagbladet’s arts & entertainment section, no sports section and no business section. SvD is a conservative rag and some of its political columnists are really distasteful, but DN never gets anywhere near SvD’s coverage of the historical humanities. DN’s arts section is mainly preoccupied with pretentious modern crap, installation artists and poets who will be forgotten three months from now.

So I was very pleased when the editor of SvD’s arts essay page (through the good offices of Åsa Larsson of Ting & Tankar) asked me to write for him about a couple of new books. Getting onto that essay page (and hopefully staying there) has been a latent goal of mine for many years. And I was even more pleased when the piece I submitted was published today: on a Sunday, when people actually had time to read the thing before they tossed the paper into the recycling bin.

Nor was my sunny outlook diminished this evening when I received a letter from an editor at a major monthly mag who, on the strength of the SvD piece, offered me a reviewing gig on the spot.

Editor Ludvig Hertzberg comments on my piece on his blog.