Home-Made Sausages


Part of the Swedish Christmas celebrations is that many people turn to traditional cooking. Yesterday my dad’s wife & mine made sausages. They were really nice, way better than their limp and grey pre-cooking appearance suggested. But they were hardly traditional, containing mouflon and elk in addition to the pork (“whatever’s in the freezer”) and being seasoned liberally with garlic.


2 thoughts on “Home-Made Sausages

  1. Yummy.

    Me and my family have made a lot of bread (see http://arkeologivast.blogspot.com/2009/12/for-nagon-vecka-sedan-klarade-vi-av-det.html , in swedish), smoked some pieces of elk and lamb. I am at the moment salt curing fresh herring fillets which I intend to pickle any day now. If I have the time I intend to make som lamb sausage, which I in that case will cold smoke. Maybe I´ll make som meatballs from roe deer, which I happen to have in the freezer.

    Hopefully well shot an elk calf any day now. In that case I intend to make meatballs from the heart, as I did last year.

    The best thing with christmas is preparing the food…


  2. All of this talk is making me so hungry. I wish we could get some elk down here in FL but, well, they don’t live here. Best I could do is get some deer venison from a few hours away but it wouldn’t be the same!


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