Norm Sherman is an Elder God

i-99bb54c6ae91e6f4d7e2b1aa2a7b277f-normsherman.jpgI’ve listened to Escape Pod, the science fiction short-story podcast, for four years now. And lately I have become increasingly awed by one of the newer hosts, Norm Sherman. His writing is acerbic, his delivery is deadpan, the guy is just so cool and funny. On the most recent EP episode he played an absolutely sublime H.P. Lovecraft love ballad that he’s written and recorded, and it turns out the guy is a veritable Jonathan Coulton! Only one who speaks as well.

Cuz you’re my quasi-icthyan angel
You’re my half amphibian queen
You’re the Overlord of my Universe
You’re the Tormentor of my Dreams
You’re my starry-eyed web-footed wonderful
You’re The Thing that Can Never Be
You’re my fish-frog demigod and baby girl I’m your
filthy gibbering lunatic priest

There’s nothing for it. I’m going to have to subscribe to Sherman’s podcast, The Drabblecast, and listen through the back episodes. All 141 of them. And if you’re anything like me, you probably should too.

Update 21 December: And on the most recent episode, Sherman’s got a hi-la-ree-ous story about cryptozoology and another love ballad; this one about the elusive Mongolian Death Worm. Is there anything this man can’t do?

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3 thoughts on “Norm Sherman is an Elder God

  1. The site archives are kind of confusing, though. There are two lists of the back episodes, and one contains mainly Quicktime movies. The other list offers .mp4 files (!).


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