Sourdough and Sunflower Seeds


We rarely buy bread. Instead I bake. Tonight’s production involved a 5-day sour dough and a bag of roasted sunflower seeds. Pretty good, though I overestimated the amount of salt on the seeds and overcompensated. The sour dough was just for flavour: I can’t wait for a proper lactobacillum leavening, so I put yeast in.

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5 thoughts on “Sourdough and Sunflower Seeds

  1. Mmmmm.

    I should start up a culture, now I’ve finally found my bread recipes. SuperBrugsen in Denmark have a surprisingly good bread book, so I usually bake in Danish.


  2. My father baked bread every now and then, especially on two occasions: weekend mornings (waking up to the scent of fresh bread is great!) and when we had company over. On the latter occasions, when people had tasted the bread and commended him on it, he used to quip: “Oh, baking bread is easy and fun, and besides, your hands get so clean!”


  3. Haha, Thinker, no wonder you turned out the way you did!

    Akkie, I did read that one. Love the Berglins! I’m not one of the Sourdough Taliban, but my friend Pär who comments here regularly is. His bread is awesome.


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