Two Puns

The Web helps you check if your ideas are original. Recently I’ve come up with two puns that proved to be unoriginal but still surprisingly uncommon.

Ronald McDonald is the Lord of the Fries.

The famous fantasy role-playing game should always be referred to as Dung & Drag. It amazes me that I haven’t thought of this before. Now I have this vision of greying drag queens in printed dresses and rubber boots, cleaning out the manure, shearing sheep and driving tractors.


8 thoughts on “Two Puns

  1. Here’s two very poor ones from The Sun.

    The new Doctor Who’s female companion is going to be a kissogram. So he’s going to be a Time Bawd!

    There was a power surge when the viewers of the Christmas special all made cups of tea at the same time. He became Doctor Brew!


  2. When I was still applying for office work jobs, before I managed to lever myself into this here museum, I often used to struggle not to claim expertise in “excess and axle” when listing my competencies with Microsoft Office programs. As far as I can see no-one else has done this either. This may be because it’s not as funny as I thought it was when I was a post-teenager.


  3. “Excess and Axel” was a good one. And as Martin says the Internet makes it easy to check if someone has punned the theme before you. Here’s one which I thought was my own, but isn’t after all “Tyrannosaurus Lex: the lawyer dinosaur.

    A good one I heard recently is “Tiger can’t see the wood for the tees!” i.e. tees = tease: sexual tease. Wood conflating with penis …

    I think puns are less common in Swedish. The best one I’ve heard is someone commenting on Clint Eastwood’s hair loss, i.e. “Flint Eastwood”. My own contribution to the genre in Swedish is “What do you call the rent on a vermin infested flat?” “Ohyran”


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