Weekend Fun


  • Went skiing twice.
  • Went skating on Lake Källtorpssjön at the Hellas sporting centre under the watchful eye of the Nacka radio masts. There’s a snow-ploughed circuit there, but it hadn’t been ploughed recently so there was a lot of snow to contend with, plus ice cracks and a stiff cold wind, so it could have been more fun.
  • Played two games of Pitch Car, two of Drakborgen/Dungeonquest and two of Settlers of Catan. Didn’t win even once, but had fun anyway.
  • Went around a number of neighbours doing the annual reading of their water meters for the housing-area administration. It’s part of a small voluntary overseer job that I’ve taken on because I like to know my neighbours.

And you, Dear Reader?



10 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. Skiing and skating sound really fun, Martin! I miss winter sports – I suppose I can experience them vicariously in a few weeks, by watching the Olympics.

    Yesterday, I had to work on lecture notes all afternoon, but today I’ve been more productive with domestic chores so far. I assembled a small indoor “light garden” kit (~US$100), for growing greens, and planted cress, lettuce, eggplant, and peppers (the last two for starting seedlings for my outdoor garden). I’m getting ready to mix some bread dough to make olive bread, and to soak some beans for Tuscan white bean spread to go with it. Later today I may go work my horses, and then work myself in the gym. 😉


  2. A good friend’s 30th birthday party, followed by attendance and games at another party already in my house when I returned, and today has all been recovery. Turns out my body was mainly short of bacon. Funny how often that occurs!


  3. Almost won one of said Drakborgen games, totally dominated the Pitch Car circuit and entered lower middle-age some five hours ago. Oh, and I also broke the tenor voice barrier with a wicked B-A-C-B-B combo. All in all a nice weekend.


  4. Things are still looking grim for our heroes. Someone is trying to frame us for the destruction of aforementioned US cities, the Alien Brain-Eating Lizards are holed up in their spaceship behind an impenetrable force field, and a renegade A.I. has infected every electronic gadget in the world that has been in contact with the Internet.

    Nano-bot Zombies situation still under control.


  5. Nothing very exciting. Mostly hoping that the phone wouldn’t ring (the hazards of being on-call), but we did manage to get us and the dog to a nearby field, to let him run about for a while. That little walk also secured some 40-odd photos, this “digital photography” thing is amazingly money-saving, isn’t it?


  6. It saves money and it makes for a much better product. Nobody will ever know that you deleted 39 snaps just to get that one really awesome pic. (-; And also it gives you room to practice, and an immediate stimulus response.


  7. Martin,
    I subscribe to your blog via amazon.com and my Kindle. I have been following you for months, enjoying your back and forth between the Life Swedish and archeology of the bogs.
    I loved learning about fieldfares, which appear to be some sort of thrush. It is fun for me to see your snow pictures because I live in the green Willamette Valley in Eugene, Oregon, the promised land at the end of the Oregon Trail.

    We have violets in bloom and the sweet-smelling daphne, and daffodils and tulips are several inches high. It’s still winter, but can spring be far? We’ll see it by the end of Feb.

    Thanks–I enjoy your blog thoroughly!

    Sandy Jensn


  8. Thank you, that’s very kind! It is particularly flattering that a US English teacher can stand reading my Swenglish.

    Yes, the Swedish word for fieldfare, björktrast, incorporates our word for thrush, trast</i<, which I guess must be a cognate.


  9. You are right, Martin, it does lead to quicker feedback. At least I was at a point before getting a DSLR where I was (mostly) getting a 1:6 ratio of “usable” to “taken”. When I was on Comino for a week of “do nothing”, I managed to chew through 5 36-photo rolls in 7 days, not spending more than 1-2 hours a day taking pics. That was… expensive.


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