Finnish Archaeology Journal Goes On-Line

The respected Finnish archaeology annual Fennoscandia Archaeologica has gone on-line! Every single paper from 1984 to 2007 is now available for free on the web site of the Archaeological Society of Finland. It’s a great resource for scholars. For instance, the volume for 2007 includes seven largely critical debate pieces on the Susiluola cave that has been interpreted as Scandinavia’s first Middle Palaeolithic site. Are there in fact any modified lithics from that cave? Or is it all eoliths and wishful thinking?

Apparently, this does not however mean that Fennoscandia is an Open Access journal (yet). The issues for 2008 and 2009 have appeared in print but are not on the site. Extrapolating from the fact that the 2007 issue went on-line now, it seems the journal is operating with a 2.5-year lag for its on-line archive and that we can look forward to the 2008 issue being posted next winter.

Aard regular David Petts points out that the Estonian Journal of Archaeology is also on-line and publishing as Open Access. Only the back-issue content from 2006 onward is as yet on the site, though.

Thanks to FA co-editor Janne Ikäheimo for the tip-off.

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2 thoughts on “Finnish Archaeology Journal Goes On-Line

  1. Thanks to Janne, the 2008 and 2009 issues of Fennoscandia Archaeologica are now online as well, and will soon (I hope) be followed by the 2010 issue. The printed version will, however, continue to appear and be distributed to libraries and subscribers. For that reason we have to maintain a one-year embargo, but happily in future any articles published in FA will be freely available in the internet a year after the printed version has been made available.

    Antti Lahelma (co-editor of FA)


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