Weekend Fun

  • Joined Jrette on her first bike ride for the season. Had to raise the saddle 5 cm.
  • Emceed at the Swedish Skeptics’ first full-day conference. We felt that it was time to have a bigger event to make it worthwhile for members to travel to Stockholm for it. Four talks, a mentalist, the annual business meeting plus lunch and coffee breaks. And a good time was had.
  • Played Agricola with friends. Had a pretty good combo of a pottery business and a clay delivery job, but what really saved my game was that I managed to become yeoman farmer. Still Swedepat won, that evil son of a Värmland.

And you, Dear Reader?


5 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. I’m aware of the issue there, yeah 🙂 He said to me on the last visit something like “the only good thing that comes out of war is technology, isn’t it” so I think he’s got it. The main displays are much more about the science of flight than, you know, ballistics or explosives. But, trouble is, zooming round the sky at four hundred miles an hour making a hell of a noise is kind of awesome. I call this the Biggles Paradox.


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