Weekend Fun

This past weekend was full of fun duties. The only thing I did exclusively for fun was read a pretty depressing novel about slavery, U.K. LeGuin’s Powers (2007).


  • Represented the Swedish Skeptics off-stage at the Nordic Conjuring Championship in Uppsala, as our organisation sponsored the event. I was surprised to see different competing magicians do the same tricks, and then realised that of course there are fashions in that too. The winner was Reggie Simon, an excellent performer originally from the US, whose act contained wry references to that country’s racism and gun-nuttery.
  • Directed the annual spring cleaning of walkways, greenery and parking lot in my area, then served participating neighbours spicy lentil soup, which was well received.
  • Sat through nearly two hours of little girls prancing about in order to get to my own kid’s performance, which was of course stellar. Ballet really is an oasis of girl culture. Dancing, fancy outfits, make-up, and everybody enjoying themselves. Sometimes even more than the audience does.

And you, Dear Reader? Did you have any fun?


10 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. Together with my friend Iohannes, I represented Sweden at the metal detecting event held at Utstein Monastery (near Stavanger, Norway). Directed by by archaeologist Olle Hemdorff, twenty seven metal detectorists from Norway, Denmark and Sweden pitched in to uncover som of the exciting history of this wonderful country. Good times!





  2. Yes! Lots of fun. It was the first SCA* camping event of the season hereabouts. Excellent feast, singing around the campfire and, of course, the company of good friends. We stayed mostly warm and dry despite the occasional rain showers.

    *Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval re-creation group.


  3. Cic, ouch, them trees & grasses copulating in public like that.

    Well done, Tobias! I plan to start the detecting season tomorrow at a location y’all will get to hear about.

    JSB, sounds like fun! Many of my old Tolkien Society buddies were SCA members as well. And then there’s SCA, Swedish Cellulose Ltd.


  4. No, can’t claim to have had fun. Some work-type emergencies meant I spent 12 hours working Saturday (curse this on-call thing), but things picked up on Sunday, with a hike to the shops with wife and dog, for some essentials. There’s something strangely motivating about having a quadruped on a string that is very eager to move forward.


  5. Most of the weekend was panicked academic reading, but I did spend part of it trying to track down and meet with a woman I’d never seen, a friend of a friend who’d invited me, likewise sight unseen, to a gathering of her friends, half of whom I then turned out to know as well. It’s a small world I inhabit. That was some sort of fun, albeit somewhere between pubbing and geocaching.


  6. Dveej, I’m 63% through and LeGuin has just ditched her third cast of supporting characters and sent the hero on to the next. It’s a gloomy story and not well structured, but it’s good enough to finish.

    Ingvar, maybe what you need in order to have more fun is just a leash?

    Jon, sounds like a booty-call from somebody whose address you don’t know. (-;


  7. I don’t mind if the trees wanna hump like bunnies, in public or in private, as long as they keep it to themselves. It’s the decidedly non-consensual sex they are trying to have with my sinuses that I object to.

    Damned preverts. Oughta at least keep it within their own Kingdom.


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