Royal Hats


Who knew that it would be so much pure childish fun if someone with decent Photoshop skills put a collection of silly hats on Carolus XVI Gustavus? There’s even rumoured to be an unedited picture there, but I certainly can’t identify it.


3 thoughts on “Royal Hats

  1. The unedited picture is the one with the Viking helmet in Saudi Arabia – his hosts kinda expected that, and he didn’t want to disappoint them.


  2. It’s the scout cap. Btw, Swedish popular support for monarchy is declining, according to two recent surveys – from 85% to 56% in ten years one of them states. 48% thinks monarchy is incompatible with democracy. (Which leaves
    8% prefering monarchy to democracy…) Importance of royal head wear for (lack of) popular support is undetermined.


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