Chariot of the Sun


Bronze Age Scandinavians believed that the sun was pulled across the sky in a chariot by a horse. They built models depicting this out of cast bronze. A well-preserved one has been found at Trundholm on Zealand, and fragments remain of one from TÃ¥gaborg in Scania. They also depicted the motif on burial razors and, rarely, rock-carvings.

i-5b426cd6f6fc3aec222da8888253157b-Solvagn Casimirsborg.jpgThe other day (when I found some humble cupmarks), my friends Roger Wikell and Sven Gunnar Broström found the first sun-chariot carving on Sweden’s east coast: at Casimirsborg in SmÃ¥land. They are working there with fellow rock-art authorities Joakim Goldhahn and Kenneth Ihrestam. The team has also found more than a hundred carved ships, making Casimirsborg SmÃ¥land’s heaviest rock-carving location. This is the data coverage we’re working with: all you have to do to re-draw the map completely is send a surveyor with specialised knowledge into one of the white spots. Well done, guys!


Photographs of the carving: top painted one by Joakim Goldhahn, bottom chalked one by Emelie Svenman.

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