The Amazing Randi Tours Sweden

i-fb2454d70167264e2a9646366a22c071-the_amazing_randi.jpgJames Randi — magician, escapist, author and skeptic extraordinaire — will give three lectures in Sweden next week under the auspices of the Swedish Skeptics Society. Everyone is welcome: entry fee 50 kronor. Be there before the doors open! Among my duties is the task of buying homeopathic sleeping pills on which our guest can OD.

Tue 15 June. Stockholm, Roslagstullsbacken 21, Oskar Klein Auditorium. Doors open 18:00. Talk begins 19:00.

Wed 16 June. Gothenburg, Sven Hultins gata 4, RunAn. Doors open 18:30. Talk begins 19:00.

Thu 17 June. Lund, Lundagård, Palaestra et Odeum. Doors open 17:00. Talk begins 18:00.


2 thoughts on “The Amazing Randi Tours Sweden

  1. Do they even stock Calms Forté in Sweden?
    Better make sure you don’t get any stuff with active ingredients in it by mistake 😉


  2. I wonder if Professor of Parapsychology Etzel Cardena will attend James Randi’s lecture at Lund. May be interesting to see!


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