Randi & Houdi on Swedish Morning News



4 thoughts on “Randi & Houdi on Swedish Morning News

  1. Please allow me to distance myself from my fellow Internet-handle-beginning-with-a-D-and-another-voiced-consonant commenters. Dmab in no way is representative of the rest of us I-h-b-w-a-D-a-a-v-c commenters. It’s not so much the bigotry I mind as the unfocused incoherence: unaesthetic in the extreme.


  2. Wow, have the crazies taken over the asylum? Brilliant, you couldn’t make that stuff up. Unless you were mad. And well said dveej – a badly written rant is the sure sign of an idiot.

    And a comment on the video – it was squirm-inducing. Randi was good as always, but the interviewers… jeeeezus. A further reminder, should I need one, why I shouldn’t watch TV, ever.


  3. Never mind David M, he’s not well in the head. I always try to clean his ejaculations off Aard’s windshield ASAP.

    Paddy, I agree, those interviewers were pretty klutzy.


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