On-Line Mesopotamian Board Game


Reiner Knizia is one of the board-gaming world’s greatest celebrities, famous for a long string of hit games. According to the members of Boardgamegeek.com, the best of Knizia’s games is Tigris & Euphrates (1997), which is #11 on the site’s thousands-strong ranking list. I can’t really compare against other Knizia games, but I do know that it’s one of my favourites.

As you may imagine, I was very happy the other day when I discovered that Boardgamegeek.com actually offers on-line T&E for free, played against real people! The rules are available in many languages on BGG. Let’s have an Aardvarchaeology T&E challenge! I’m mrund on the site. Who wants to play?

Update 1 July: Paddy K recommends a video tutorial to teach you the game.

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4 thoughts on “On-Line Mesopotamian Board Game

  1. You can read the rules in various languages on BGG. If you want to play it live, then either find a gaming group in your area that plays the game, or buy a copy and invite 2-3 friends over.


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