Anthro Blog Carnival

The ninety-seventh Four Stone Hearth blog carnival is on-line at Zenobia. Catch the best recent blogging on archaeology and anthropology!

The next vacant hosting slot is on 15 September. All bloggers with an interest in the subject are welcome to volunteer to me for hosting. It’s a good way to gain readers. No need to be an anthro pro.


2 thoughts on “Anthro Blog Carnival

  1. -So they have used isotopes to identify the location of Punt?! Coooool. It is a pity the trade with this African kingdom was not continuous, or Africa might have had yet another literate civilisation, alongside Kham (Egypt) and Kush. The kingdom that was the origin of Abbyssinia came at least a millennia later.

    In a way, this is analogous with the bronze-age trade between the Mycaenean civilization and Scandinavia. The metal work and a funeral site in South Sweden shows there was contact between Mycaene and Scandinavia, but without a continuity of contact, the epigonal Swedish-Mycaenean culture sank back into the ambient local bronze age culture.


  2. Allow me to disagree. The Scandies never had any Mycenaean epigonery going on, and they certainly didn’t “sink back”. That’s an 18th century perspective on culture!


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