School Girls Fined for Placing Teacher Break Room Under Electronic Surveillance

Reports Swedish Broadcasting, Dagens Eko:

When two school girls in the 13-16 years age bracket found a lost key ring for their school’s teacher break room, they had an idea. They bought simple audio surveillance equipment in a tech store, waited until everyone went home, and installed the bugging gear in the break room.

Their idea was to snoop on a grades conference planned for the following day, thereby to glean information that they might use to improve their grades.

The plan failed, as one of the girls happened to reveal it on Facebook.

Instead of secret information and raised grades, the story ended with each girl being fined SEK 2000 by the district court.

Extra points for pluck and daring, though, kids!

Lars Aronsson comments: “Little Sister Is Watching You”.


12 thoughts on “School Girls Fined for Placing Teacher Break Room Under Electronic Surveillance

  1. I can find nothing commendable whatsoever about this caper.
    Could it be that you have parent-teacher issues or old scores to settle?
    Hopefully, the fine will teach the young ladies a thing or two their own parents obviously failed to teach them. And no, it’s not that you should keep quiet about your illegal exploits.


  2. Could it be that you have parent-teacher issues or old scores to settle?

    Not that I’m aware of? I had good relations with my teachers, got good grades, even married a teacher and still am friendly with her after we separated. What I like about this story isn’t that teachers were targeted. It’s that young girls used hi-tech gear.


  3. I am sure the judge appreciated their technical sophistication every bit as much. I am sure you are not suggesting for a moment that girls are less likely than boys to exhibit tech skills in today’s enlightened Sweden.
    BTW, an MP3 player or mobile phone is considerably ‘higher tech’ than what they used.


  4. @ cordero

    Considerably higher tech, perhaps, but considerably more mainstream and less imaginative. And all in the name of self-improvement, apparently; they deserve plaudits for their conscientious and innovative routes to improved grades 🙂


  5. @Archy: Quite so. Learn to cheat while you can, that’s what life is all about anyway.
    But sarcasm apart, embezzlement and invasion of privacy are not in the same league as using a crib or rigging the Kobayashi Maru simulation.


  6. Wow, some people take these things way too seriously. Yes, the girls were absolutely wrong to invade the teachers’ privacy, and it could be considered cheating, which here is a serious offense, the consequences being a failed grade or even worse, suspension. But kids, and particularly girls, have been eavesdropping on adult conversations forever.

    Wrong as it may be, in a less enlightened age, it was one way to glean information that may not have otherwise been available. Protecting their own interests was most likely the motive, not evil – obviously some moral guidance is needed. I do remember an incident in the 60’s, when girls hid a tape recorder behind the curtains to catch a verbally abusive Physical Education teacher. They were caught and punished,but the teacher was not. Which situation was more wrong?


  7. I wonder why the intelligence and daring of these girls is being highlighted. At least one of the pair is apparently an idiot: she posted on Facebook. Leaving aside the ethics for a moment, can somebody please examine the local education system for signs of breeding morons?


  8. Abandon sense of humour all ye who enter.

    “Little Sister Is Watching You” – Quite right too.

    Little Sisters everywhere UNITE!!!


  9. If (only) I were still 16 years old, this would have seemed brilliant to me. I don’t think 16-year-olds have a fully mature set of moral values. I know I did not at that age. Punish them, but please do not be harsh.


  10. CherryBomb, if you are a Runaways fan, as your name implies, you should know that not all 16 year olds behave like Joan Jett did when she was 16.

    Or if you insist on the original:

    Your trivia factoid for this weekend – did you know that Rolling Stone has listed Joanie as one of the top 100 rock guitarists of all time?

    Well, trivia factoid no.2 is that she’s a left handed vegetarian who plays the guitar right handed and never worries about getting enough protein.

    Heeeeere’s Joanie!

    If you watch closely, there’s a metal detectorist in there. Metal detectorer. Whatever.


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