Travel and Talks in October and November

I’ll be travelling a lot in October and November and giving some talks. Aard readers in the afflicted cities, drop me a line and maybe we can meet up!

  • 16-18 Oct, TAM London.
  • 29-31 Oct, Oslo, Kritisk Masse: speaking about Thor Heyerdahl and other Scandy pseudoarchaeologists.
  • 4 Nov, Uppsala: speaking about pseudoarchaeology.
  • 14 Nov, Norrköping: speaking about the Late Iron Age elite in the area.
  • 29 Nov – 1 Dec Birmingham: Viking workshop.
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10 thoughts on “Travel and Talks in October and November

  1. It always kinda disappointed me to learn how dodgy Heyerdahl actually was when I began to learn ‘proper’ archaeology. The Kontiki voyage always seemed damn cool to me as a kid.

    Do you ever get to TAG?


  2. Dammit, I fear I will miss you in London; I’m giving a paper I’ll barely have time to write on the 18th in Oxford. You’ll have to be Amazing without local assistance (which will be no problem I’m sure).


  3. The talk in Uppsala:
    19:00 Tro & Vetande: Missförstånd om forntiden

    2. Missförstånd om forntiden To 4 nov 19.00 i Missionskyrkan Dr Martin Rundkvist är arkeolog specialiserad på Skandinaviens forntid. Han kommer att tala om vanliga arkeologiska missuppfattningar om grottmänniskor, stenålderskost och forntida könsroller, samt om några mera omtalade svenska knasteorier inom arkeologin, offentliggjorda av författare som Bob G. Lind och KI-professorn Lennart Möller.


  4. -Would this recent item be pseudoarchaeology or could it actually have some substance? The myth explaining eclipses suggest they had worked out the sun-moon connection, but that´s it.
    Australian Aborigines (could have been) ‘world’s first astronomers’: study (but without finding rock carvings to support it, it will be just another theory …)


  5. “what I don’t know is how far back this goes. If it goes back 10,000 or 20,000 years, that makes (Aborigines) the world’s first astronomers”

    That’s a pretty big if.


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