New Black Metal


My brother’s black metal outfit has just released its first EP, Arcane Secrets. Check out Astrophobos for some furious yet epic tunes with lyrics inspired by H.P. Lovecraft! And tell me how you like the record!


Question to the Dear Reader: how do you go about getting your album onto Grooveshark?

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15 thoughts on “New Black Metal

  1. I see they chose Caspar David Friedrich for their cover art — one of my favorite painters. My son used to be in a black metal band. No, it was death metal. Melodic death metal. It’s such a splintered genre, but I love it, the music is often intricate and very technical. Thanks for the link, I shall listen as soon as I can.


  2. I paused my King Crimson to check this out, and it was worth it. This has a distinctly Swedish black metal sound (Dissection/Sacramentum).
    The part I’m most impressed with is the production. I can’t stand most modern black metal because of the super compressed polished sound. The drums have a nice organic sound here.


  3. “The Haunted Realm” books by Marsden provides some ultra-gothic photo illustrations, if you are interested. He makes infrared photos of castles, manor houses, spooky natural places, etc.
    On tongue-in-cheek Black Metal, I recommend the (Norwegian) comic strip Pondus; The protagonist works in a second-hand music (LP or CD) shop, frequently visited by wannabe Death Metal artists that live up to all the stereotypes…pretty funny stuff if you like humor as gross as South Park.


  4. Nice for a change to get an original comment from you, David, not a pasted screed.

    I used to love Batman when I was a kid. Ratman sounds kind of cool too, though.


  5. David, seriously. Compulsive trolling is not a sign of being in good shape. So is throwing insults at complete strangers, and seeing enemies everywhere.
    Obsessions are by definitions hard to deal with alone.
    -Do you want to be in the same life situation 30 years from now? Because that is what will happen if you do not talk with some doctor.

    BTW rats are highly successful generalists. If it was not for the hairless tail, they would be popular as pets (Myself, I am more analogous to a really big capybara).


  6. Which one is your brother?
    I looked for a Rundkvist in the bands names on their Myspace page but there are none listed.
    Is Rundkvist just your stage name?


  7. So one of your siblings introduced their brothers as:
    “This is my brother, Martin.
    And this is my other brother, Martin”

    I guess it’s lucky you weren’t named Daryl!


  8. So one of your siblings introduced their brothers as:
    “This is my brother, Martin.
    And this is my other brother, Martin”

    This is mildly mind-blowing to me. My first name is also “Martin”, and it is rare to the extreme for me to encounter another person with that first name. I can think of 6 instances in my whole life where I was introduced to somebody else named “Martin” (plus 1 case of “Maarten”).

    I also have (exactly 1) uncle named “Daryl”, so I guess my family has a penchant for names that are unusual in some way, at least in English-speaking Canada.

    On-topic, I can’t seem to access the music. I can’t listen to music in my office without disturbing my office-mates, and anyway I prefer to listen while walking to and from work. Is there a legal and band-approved way to download an mp3?


  9. TheBrummell, I’m not sure if I should mention this but Sigmund isn’t my real name…it’s just a screen name I use here since there are already too many Martins on Scienceblogs!
    The mention of “Daryl” is from the US sitcom ‘Newhart’


  10. Competent musicianship, a tad too polished for my liking. Reminds me of Nachtmystium, though, which is a good thing. For all-out, over-the-top Lovecraftian madness, check out Australian weirdos Portal. Incredibly claustrophobic.


  11. “For a free listen, I’m afraid it’s MySpace”
    I think the UK and Swedish readers should be able to get a “free” listen on spotify.


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