Arthurian Romance in the Gritty Field

Thanks to Dear Reader Kate L.


4 thoughts on “Arthurian Romance in the Gritty Field

  1. I love that clip so much I’ve just watched it all the way through again, interrupted only briefly by 6 young Muslim girls covered in fake blood hammering on my door and threatening me with plastic tridents unless I agreed to feed them Type 2 diabetes-inducing comestibles, an ample supply of which I happened fortuitously to have with me.

    How do I know they were Muslims? (1) Middle Eastern appearance, (2) I’ve seen them in their school uniforms, and they obviously attend an Islamic school that I know of. The hijabs were missing tonight, though, they wouldn’t have gone well with the plastic horns.

    I toyed with the idea of trying to write a clever essay on the irony of it all, but I can’t be bothered, I just find the whole thing gleefully anarchic. Lovely, polite, beautiful kids. (With nice slim fit-looking mums lurking watchfully on my property boundary, for any who may be concerned – I would like to have invited them in for tea, but the kids were obviously in a hurry to grab the booty and head off to raid the neighbours.)

    Now I’m waiting for their brothers to turn up, so I can get rid of the rest of the chocolates. No way I’m eating this stuff.

    Almost totally irrelevantly, I just found this, and was surprised that the daily calorific intake in Sweden is alleged to be lower than the rest of the developed world. I can’t think of a reason. Is there one, apart from health consciousness?


  2. @Sandgroper: We have at least anecdotal evidence of the truth of this from the skinny-looking pictures Martin sometimes posts of himself;)
    The chart seems to say that, on average, everyone in almost all developed countries consumes in excess of 3,000 kcal daily. Are there any sources available? At any rate, Swedes just overeat a bit less than everyone else, since 2,500 is physiologically sufficient for a grown male.


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