Saturday Sundries

    i-823ec6b73389335d8e6ebb4b84d2dc41-Martin's rag market.jpg

  • My old buddy, Aard regular Hi33y, spotted something worth taking a picture of Tuesday night in Birmingham. Not only have I apparently been canonised, I am also the owner of a Brummie rag market!
  • i-ee7bf853c32d30d22ce25a7c2e241782-fittkamin.jpg

  • Yesterday at Landvetter airport near Gothenburg, I found a local wood-stove company demonstrating this fine gynaecological model. It’ll keep you warm all night long.
  • Some weeks ago after the Kritisk Masse skeptics conference, I was interviewed by the Trondheim student radio. Listening to myself, I find myself sounding like the love child of my friends Tor and Jesper. I didn’t even know those two were an item.
  • The less-famous half of 80s pop duo Wham was a guy named Andrew Ridgeley. This once caused an acquaintance of mine to believe that “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” had been co-written by the Sisters of Mercy’s lead singer, Andrew Eldritch.
  • Oxford archaeology publishing house Archaeopress, of British Archaeological Reports fame, has a Facebook page. I put out an anthology with them in the 90s. Good people!
  • i-735abe1884e8797d68518b9d1f127aa5-Snowy golf course.jpg

  • Went skiing on the golf course for the first time this winter!

4 thoughts on “Saturday Sundries

  1. I found a local wood-stove company demonstrating this fine gynaecological model.

    Which I’m sure they’re calling model “Hot Pussy”. And really, keeping your pussy warm is the real raison d’être of stoves – anybody who has a stove and a cat can confirm that nobody has a chance of getting near the thing before the pussy is warmed up enough.


  2. When my mom was a child, the wood-stove in the kitchen was of course the warmest place in the room, and the cat naturally annexed the spot on the floor in front of it. 83 years later, smy mom is still frightened of cats (the moggy in question apparently saw anyone approaching as a rival for the warm spot, defending it fiercely).

    BTW her home village is not too far from the place where they found a 5000-year-old ski.


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