Happy Gamer Manages to Get Wife Interested

Yesterday my buddy Swedepat showed up at 13:30. (That’s his name to help distinguish him from Irish Pat.) I hadn’t been able to find a third or fourth gamer on short notice. But our plan was to try out the new games in my house, and we started off with Juniorette’s Christmas present, Forbidden Island. Of course she wanted to play too, and her mother joined in just to be sociable.

I’m a geek living with, not a jock girl, but more kind of a hipster. My wife’s a journalist who’s into fashion and literature and fancy cooking. A good thing about East Asian families is that they appear to teach their daughters to seek out smart-seeming guys in the mistaken belief that these will be good providers. My wife goes nuts with desire whenever I fix her computer.

Anyway, Forbidden Island. It’s a cooperative game where either everybody wins or the game wins. We beat the game at the second-easiest difficulty level and moved on to Junior’s Christmas present, Small World. He wasn’t around, but the four of us played it and Juniorette kicked our asses!? She’s seven! She’s so little that she almost throws a tantrum if she isn’t allowed to be the banker! But suddenly she plays a mean game of Small World.

So there’s only one new game left, Thebes, kind of an intricate German-style game. It’s almost dinner time, and I expect my wife to bow out. Juniorette, of course, has already proven herself to be the match of grown men at complicated games in English, so we count her in. And my wife stays at the table. We play Thebes, I cook and we eat in the middle of the game (great to have two dinner-sized tables), Swedepat wins, Juniorette beats me… And then my wife asks if we want to play another game of Thebes right away!

So we did. And then we played Cave Troll. My wife was with me at the gaming table until 21:30 last night. Love you to bits, baby!


2 thoughts on “Happy Gamer Manages to Get Wife Interested

  1. Speaking of caves, as we put 2010 behind us it would be nice to find some artefacts that can unambigously be tied to the “new” old species of humans east of the Neanderthals.
    The Neanderthal sites are often disturbed, so we cannot tell for sure that the more modern-looking tools were deposited by modern humans or the result of Neanderthals learning from the newcomers (implying mental flexibility). Let’s go find some nice site covered in aeolian deposits in Sinkiang or wherever, now that you got $$$ from blogging!

    — — — —
    In regard to fictional characters: In order to understand the paranoia-infested politics of many countries, I immersed myself in a month’s worth of “Get Fuzzy”.
    Bucky Katt is apparently an uber-Teabagger who believe the puppets in The Muppet Show -and indeed most kids´TV characters- are Soviet mind-control agents.

    Rob: “What about Teletubbies?”
    Bucky: “You can’t handle the truth about the Teletubbies!”

    Satchel: “Is it true that Big Bird is a vicious canarydon Megalodon that was cloned from DNA found in amber-encased mosquitos?”
    Rob: “Bucky! In here, please!”


  2. My wife was with me at the gaming table until 21:30 last night.

    Yes, but how long would she have stayed if you hadn’t sneakily superglued her to the chair?
    Or were you the one who was superglued?


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