Octagonal Sauna

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i-0dc45f1eb2abdb64e3d2068c18a2f567-2011-01-09 10.31.10.jpg

View from the west, 9 January.

Back in November I blogged about how I helped put a roof on my dad’s octagonal sauna. A reader asked to see the plans of the building. And here, with my dad’s permission, are plans and elevations by architect Ulf Gillberg. Isn’t this pretty damn neat?

i-719a2ca761ffd3f3aca32d87860c09b0-Basturitn 1.jpg

i-b6679d8abeadc950504ff18d54b29b8a-Basturitn 2.jpg

i-301b5722c6ec2bcc52102b94a0361720-Basturitn 3.jpg


6 thoughts on “Octagonal Sauna

  1. Ah, that reminds me —

    Rincewind knew that if it was a temple to Bel-Shamharoth it would have eight sides. (Eight was also the Number of Bel-Shamharoth, which was why a sensible wizard would never mention the number if he could avoid it. Or you’ll be eight alive, apprentices were jocularly warned.)

    That would be something of a sauna gnome, no?

    And then wham I notice I have no clue whether the garden-variety Finnish sauna gnome (saunatonttu) has a Swedish equivalent: a tiny caretaker nature spirit (as every tree and building used to have) that’ll make your life difficult, though usually without tentacles, if you disrespect its habitation.


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