Shores of Ancient Sweden

i-6dbead8ecaf69b12cbf30eb9c9fdd914-Vardinge 1000 BC 500 px.png

The National Geological Survey of Sweden has put an interactive deglaciation and shoreline displacement model for the country on-line for free. You can download detailed hi-res maps of your favourite parts of Sweden for 0-16 thousand years ago, and a few thousand years into the future! (But only at intervals of whole millennia.) Invaluable for Swedish prehistorians!

Above is the area between LÃ¥ngbro and Hjortsberga in VÃ¥rdinge parish, Södermanland, where I’m planning some fieldwork, as it looked in 1000 BC according to current knowledge of the shoreline displacement process. I scouted the area out last spring and found a cupmark boulder. It’s on a known settlement & burial site located on the southern shore of the long-gone lake in the middle of the map.

Thanks to Kenneth Alexandersson for the tip-off.


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