Antiquity Archaeological Photography Prize


From the York office of archaeology’s equivalent of Nature:

Antiquity invites the submission of high-quality archaeological photographs for publication in the journal.

Two photographs will be selected and published each quarter. A judging panel will decide the best photograph published each year and a cash prize of £500 will be awarded to the winner.

Photographs must be sent as digital images at a minimum width of 135mm @ 300 pixels per inch and a maximum height of 165mm. All photographs should be accompanied by a short caption providing details of the site/artefact, when the image was taken, where the image was taken from, what are the circumstances of the site/find, the date of the site/find and technical specifications of the image.

Portrait orientated images are preferred.

Please send submissions to assistant [at] antiquity [dot] ac [dot] uk

There is no closing date for receipt of entries. Please see our website for 2009’s winning photograph (bottom of the home page [see above: Chris Doyal’s “Underwater archaeology off Haserot Beach, Old Mission Peninsula”]. The winning image from 2010 will be announced shortly.

All good wishes,

Martin Carver


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