First Dozen Years Together


Having completed our first twelve years together today, my wonderful wife and I have agreed to go on for at least another dozen.


Author: Martin R

Dr. Martin Rundkvist is a Swedish archaeologist, journal editor, skeptic, atheist, lefty liberal, bookworm, boardgamer, geocacher and father of two.

19 thoughts on “First Dozen Years Together”

  1. Grattis! Skönt att ni även denna gång vann upphandlingen som det väl heter i näringslivet.


  2. Congratulations! So, in Babylonian terms, you have been together a fifth of a decade.
    BTW, about the hair… try chest-skin transplants? Or use the absence of hair to install scalp cooling flanges, you will be immune to heatstroke. But Star Trek fans might start adressing you in Klingon.


  3. Those are both very sweet photographs. Congratulations! I hope me and my partner can say the same in 9 years 🙂


  4. The message reminded me to call my brother and congratulate him on his birthday today, something I had forgotten. And Happy Squidmas!
    And some place in Scandinavia is celebrating something today. Here is an appropriate song: (I like the short guy with the sword and helmet. Dwarf?)
    — — — —

    I assume a lot of China is on top of pH-buffering limestone, but in parts the archaeological remains must suffer from effects of groundwater acidification, with all the coal-powered factories. Close to Beijing the water must be like Alien circulatory fluid.


  5. I finally found a Swedish romantic song that is not kitschy, it might fit the occasion:
    “Come Along” by Swedish singer Titiyo

    “Solaris by Tarkovsky (solyaris) – ascension”
    The brief symbol-laden moment of microgravity is the only genuinely romantic moment I have ever seen in a Science Fiction film. Music by J S Bach.


  6. Well done and congratulations to both…as for the other, hair today..gone tomorrow..join the club!


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