Joe’s Aard T-shirt Design


Joseph Hewitt of Ataraxia Theatre is the artist who rendered almost the entire ScienceBlogs stable as zombies last summer. He has submitted the third t-shirt design, and when I saw it I thought, “Screw the reader’s poll, this is the one I want!”. So although I’d very proudly wear shirts with the designs by Stacy Mason and Jim Allen/Sweeney too, I’ve decided to go with Joe’s image. Keep your eyes open for a future sweepstakes.


8 thoughts on “Joe’s Aard T-shirt Design

  1. Yes, but kudos to the designs by Stacy Mason and Jim Allen/Sweeney. In a perfect multiverse those designs will be undergoing quantum superposition with the one by Joseph Hewitt.

    BTW why have silk-screens got a bad press? Kitsch exist in all media. Did someone in the seventies mass-produce silk-screens with Elvis motifs?

    And does the sword shine with a bluish light when orchs are near?


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