My Gothenburg Talk About Mead-Halls

Here’s my talk about the Mead-halls book, from the Gothenburg Book Fair, 23 September. It’s in Swedish, the background noise is awful and I had a pretty poor voice that day. But anyway.


4 thoughts on “My Gothenburg Talk About Mead-Halls

  1. I hope the enthusiasts were close to the stage.
    Goddammit, I must read the text version of the lecture, I gave up three minutes in as the background noise is too frustrating. A bit like the Soviet jamming effort of foreign Russian-language radio broadcasts.
    [Hi-tech fix 1: Set up mikes connected to processors picking up the background noise of the hall and generate “anti-noise”, half a wawelength out of frequency, shifting the resulting composite noise into infrasound inaudible to the ear. Feasible (but expensive).
    Tech fix 2: Bring in one of these and eliminate those who talk during lectures. ]
    Fix 3: Give up science altogether and get rich:


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